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Jeremy, a dark haired and brown eyed young lad, is the latest Broke Boy to grace the futon today. Matt and myself met Jeremy at an apartment block where we told Jeremy that we were filming a documentary on how stolen goods leaves behind a trail. Matt posed as a buyer, talking with Jeremy about how he got into the stolen goods trade and what sort of things he sells the most, and while both he and Jeremy chatted, Matt invited him back to the studio to discuss matters further. Jeremy wasn’t too keen to go with Matt until Matt pulled out $100.

Once back at the studio, Matt and Jeremy continued talking about why Jeremy was selling stolen goods when Matt worked the conversation around to if Jeremy would ever consider doing porn, such as jerking off in front of a camera for an extra $400. As Jeremy had previously said he was fairly broke, thus, the reason he was indulging in the hot items trade, Jeremy was pretty keen to earn some dosh that was legal. As Matt went over to put on some straight porn, Jeremy stood up and started stripping off. Jeremy revealed a compact but defined body with a healthy crop of black hair surrounding his cock and low hanging balls.

After turning around and flashing his ass to the camera, Jeremy sat down and started playing with his cock, somewhat nervous about how his day had taken a turn for the unusual. As he watched the porn, Jeremy concentrated on his own fantasies, stroking his dick into a hard on. Despite being nervous, it didn’t take long for him to get rock hard. Jeremy is what you would call ‘a quiet achiever’ because after only a few minutes of gently pumping his cock, without a sound from Jeremy, cum dribbled down his shaft and over his hand. It was obvious that being filmed turned Jeremy on more than he was going to admit to as he continued to fist his shaft, rubbing the thick cum into the soft skin and wiping his fingers on his lightly haired thigh.

“I think I’m done?” said Jeremy, wiping off his cock with his shirt. Matt wandered over and sat next to him, Jeremy’s hard earned cash in hand even as Jeremy pulled on his boxers and shorts. Matt talked about Jeremy going further and earning $1000 for sucking dick but Jeremy said he wasn’t gay but Matt countered with that you didn’t have to be gay, just motivated. While Jeremy wasn’t sure about sucking another guy’s dick, the mention of a whole grand certainly had him entertaining the idea. Counting out his five $100 bills, Jeremy had a grin on his face that promised he would be back for more in the future. Make sure you watch out for the Quiet Achiever in the updates at Broke Straight Boys


Straight guy for the queer eye

Bobby and Mick, two of Broke Straight Boy’s favourites, are here to show off their creative side. I told the boys that they were going to do some painting, not the usual kind on a canvas but instead, they would be doing a landscape or portrait on each other’s body. Both Bobby and Mick were a little taken aback by this idea, however, they quickly warmed up to it when I offered an extra $50 for the best picture, Bobby volunteering to do the painting first. Mick stood up and stripped off his shorts before re-arranging himself on the futon with his ass on the very edge and his elbows hooked under his knees, pulling his legs apart. Bobby knelt in front of him, saying he could use the hairs on Mick’s ass as the trees.

Dipping his brush in some blue paint, Bobby reached over and painted a blue stripe just above Mick’s ass hole, Mick giggling as the brush tickled a very private area. As Bobby then proceeded to paint some brown hills, I asked Mick if he had ever done this before and not surprisingly, Mick hadn’t had the pleasure. Bobby then blobbed a yellow sun on Mick’s inner thigh as Mick grinned widely. Mick couldn’t help but laugh as Bobby tickled him while decorating his nether regions with trees before drawing a happy face on the underside of Mick’s balls. Swapping places, Mick decided to go for something a little more challenging than a landscape and said that he was going to try and paint Bobby’s face on his taint. Holding his balls out of the way, like Mick, Bobby found the brush against his skin to be ticklish but held still as Mick started his masterpiece. First, Mick drew a white face then, with a dollop of brown paint, he added Bobby’s curly brown hair. Two green eyes and an added nose and mouth completed Bobby’s portrait. Now that the ‘serious’ work was done, it was time to get down to the fun stuff.

Once the boys had gone and cleaned up, they sat back down on the futon, clad in their shorts again. Both Bobby and Mick were rock hard so I had them pull down their shorts and show off their cocks before giving each other a hand job. Mick and Bobby reached over and took a cock in their hands and went to work. As Mick pumped Bobby’s hard shaft, he couldn’t take his eyes off Bobby’s cock. After a few minutes, both boys were as hard as they were ever going to get so Bobby stood up while Mick, sliding off his shorts, knelt in front of him. Mick immediately leaned forward and swallowed down Bobby’s cock and it wasn’t long before Mick was going deep, much to Bobby’s pleasure. Mick even did some deep throating, something that impressed Bobby. Hands on his head, Bobby couldn’t help but gasp when Mick started slowly licking his balls. As Bobby’s cock went all the way down Mick’s throat, Bobby admitted that Mick had a strong mouth on him. All the time he was sucking cock, Mick’s own dick was pointing high.

Now it was Bobby’s turn at having a dick in his mouth. Grasping Mick’s cock tightly, Bobby went to work, bobbing up and down as he sucked on the head of Mick’s cock. Mick was soon moaning in pleasure as Bobby lavished attention on his dick. At my direction, Bobby tried to go all the way down on Mick’s thick cock but immediately choked and instead, flicked his tongue around the head before licking up and down the shaft. As Bobby slid the dick back into his mouth, Mick reached around and started jerking Bobby off. Finally, it was time for the main event; Bobby getting a dick up his ass. Leaning against the back of the futon, Bobby slicked himself up with some lube and then braced himself while Mick also got himself ready. As it was only Bobby’s second time taking cock, Mick slowly but steadily worked his dick into Bobby’s tight ass hole. As Mick gently thrust into him, Bobby clenched his teeth and groaned each time Mick moved forward. Soon enough though, Mick was able to speed up even as Bobby started to wank himself off in order to take his mind off the discomfort.

Mick was breathing heavily from all his hard work but said that Bobby’s ass felt good. Bobby wasn’t comfortable in the current position so he decided to give riding the cock a go. Mick sat down, Bobby crouching over his lap and gently bobbing up and down on Mick’s cock. While it seemed to be a much harder position for Bobby, it was clear that he liked to have more control of the situation. As Bobby rode his thick cock, Mick reached around and held Bobby’s balls out of the way for a few minutes before Bobby grabbed hold of his cock and jerked off. Mick, relieving Bobby of some of the strain on his legs by holding him up, started to thrust up into Bobby’s ass. Surprisingly, and with no warning, Bobby shot his load, cum dripping all over Mick’s thighs. Now it was Mick’s turn. Bobby hopped off and lay down on the futon, Mick standing next to him and putting in some serious wrist action. Only moment’s later, Mick liberally coated Bobby’s chest with cum.

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straight boys Vinnie and Jimmy jerk off

At Broke Straight Boys
, we are proud to bring the members something a little different;Jimmy and Vinnie are going to indulge in some foot fucking for $400 each. While neither of them have done anything like this before, the lure of easy money was too much to resist. Standing up, both boys stripped right down naked, Jimmy showing off his feet as he did so. As Jimmy and Vinnie continued standing, both boys worked on their cocks in order to get hard. Watching some straight porn playing on the tv, it wasn’t long before Jimmy was rock hard, obviously fairly keen to get into some foot fucking while it looked like Vinnie wasn’t too far behind him.

Finally, both boys were ready to get the party started. Jimmy lay down on the futon, his feet hanging off the end while Vinnie lubed up his dick. As Vinnie slicked up his cock and wanked off to full hardness, Jimmy waggled his feet in front of the camera, showing off how pretty they were. Once Vinnie was ready, he grasped both of Jimmy’s feet and held them close together, sliding his cock in and out from in between them. Unused to this type of fucking, Vinnie experimented with how to stand and if he should wank off at the same time, all the while, Jimmy watched the porn and jerked himself off. As Vinnie thrust back and forth, rubbing the tip of his dick with one hand, Jimmy said it all felt a bit like he was getting a foot massage.

All of a sudden, Vinnie picked up the pace, sawing to and fro between the instep of Jimmy’s feet. A few moments later, he asked if I wanted him to cum, just as cum dripped from the tip of his cock. Jimmy wrenched his feet away as Vinnie climaxed, grinning broadly as the cum dribbled between his fingers. Now it was Jimmy’s turn to do the deed, however, while he had doubts he would be able to fuck Vinnie’s feet, $400 was too much to turn down. Slicking up his cock, Jimmy worked on his hardon while Vinnie moved into position on the futon. Jimmy had Vinnie cracking up in laughter when he insisted that Vinnie even lube up his own feet, complaining that Vinnie’s looked rough.

Once hard enough, Jimmy grabbed Vinnie’s feet and held them in position while he quickly thrust back and forth between them, even as Vinnie grinned and watched intently. As he fucked Vinnie’s feet, Jimmy remarked that his feet were ‘so loose’, Jimmy wasn’t sure he was going to be able to climax from it all. Still, Jimmy pumped away, switching up his style every minute or so from hard and fast to long and slow, Vinnie lying on the futon and smiling broadly as he discovered that he may have found a new kink. Eventually, Jimmy alternated between fisting his dick and lazily thrusting back and forth as he got closer to cumming while Vinnie held his feet still.

When Jimmy started wanking off with his unique double handed approach, it was clear that he was almost ready to cum and sure enough, without a word to Vinnie, who quickly sprang out of the way, Jimmy spurted over the studio floor. Both boys did a great job and handled the foot fucking well, especially Vinnie who is definitely going to go home and practice it some more!


Gay sex straight boy video

Derek is in the studio today to learn some oral skills, for
which he said $500 was a good price to start at. I
introduced him to Cousin Mikey and then got Derek to come
into the room and now that there were two guys he was going
to be giving oral to, Derek said that his price had gone up.
After much consideration, Derek agreed on $800, blushing
when both Mikey and Jayden declared that Derek was ‘hot’.
Derek stood up, laughing as he threw off his t-shirt. Mikey
quickly got down on his knees in front of him and undid
Derek’s shorts while Jayden stood behind Derek, caressing
his smooth chest and stomach. Clad in only his underwear,
Mikey rubbing Derek’s cock through the cotton material,
Derek said he wasn’t quite up to kissing just yet. As Jayden
licked Derek’s nipple, Mikey suggested Derek take off his
undies but Derek said that Mikey and Jayden needed to strip
down to his level first. The two boys quickly stripped down
to their underwear before pulling down Derek’s undies and
playing with his cock.

Mikey kissed and licked Derek’s nipple while Jayden, on his
knees, removed Derek’s underwear before gently kissed and
stroked Derek’s thigh. Derek bravely reached out and
experimented a little by rubbing his hand over the bulge in
Mikey’s tighty whitey’s. As he felt Mikey’s dick, Jayden
alternately sucked on just the head of Mikey’s cock and
kissed his balls and groin. Mikey and Jayden swapped
positions, Derek instantly amazed at how good Mikey was at
sucking cock, even as Jayden tried to get Derek to relax a
bit more by kissing his neck and shoulders. It seemed to
work as Derek got a little more assertive, pushing down
Jayden’s undies and gently stroking Jayden’s dick while he
enjoyed the feel of Mikey’s mouth on his cock. Jayden leaned
in towards Derek for a kiss and after a brief hesitation,
Derek went for it. Jayden got down on his knees while Mikey
stood up behind Derek as Jayden showed Derek that he could
suck cock just as good as Mikey. Both Mikey and Derek were
rock hard as Jayden swapped from one to the other, lavishing
their cocks with attention before sucking both cocks into
his mouth at once, wringing a deep moan from each boy. Then
it was Mikey’s turn to be on his knees as he switched from
side to side, sucking each cock in deep. It was clear that
Derek was getting more turned on as the minutes ticked by as
he gladly dived down to kiss Jayden as Mikey sucked on his

However, it was now Derek’s turn to taste his first cock,
Mikey pushing him down onto the futon and standing up on it
next to him even as Jayden went deep on Derek’s cock. With
barely any hesitation, Derek quickly grasped the basics and
had Mikey’s dick sliding back and forth in his mouth, even
reaching around and jerking off Jayden. A few minutes later,
Mikey and Jayden swapped; Mikey leaning down and blowing
Derek as Jayden slid his cock in between Derek’s lips.
Jayden was getting so into the blowjob, panting and moaning,
that Mikey couldn’t help but start kissing him, both boys
then leaning down and kissing Derek. Derek was a very quick
learner, blowing Mikey for a moment before swapping to
Jayden then back again, making both boys moan for more.
Jayden soon decided that he wanted another turn on Derek’s
cock, swallowing him down even as Derek did the same to

All three boys were getting close so Jayden swapped to
tugging on Derek’s cock while Derek put in some hard wrist
action with Mikey’s dick. It wouldn’t be long before the
boys were ready to cum, it was just a matter of who first.
The boys were putting in some hard work but it was Derek who
came first, helped along by Jayden, shooting cum all over
his stomach and into his pubes. With Mikey and Jayden
jerking themselves off on either side of him, Derek was
about to experience another first. Mikey came next, spilling
cum over Derek’s side and hip while Jayden was only a minute
later, impressively spraying over Mikey’s cock, Derek’s side
and chest and his own hand. Derek ended up making $1000 for
his efforts and did very well for his first time at oral.
The shoot ended with a three way kiss between the boys but
look out for them in the Broke Straight Boys updates soon!!

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Straight boy tries sucking cock videos

We have new broke straight boy videos at Broke Straight Boys

Broke Straight Boys is very pleased to welcome back Cousin
Mikey as well as introduce a newbie; Jayden. Jayden is
bisexual but has had limited experience with other guys
while Mikey has been a fan favourite for quite a while. I
decided to throw Jayden into the deep end and start him off
with an oral scene with Mikey as I thought he could handle
it. I asked the boys if they would kiss and both nodded
enthusiastically so I knew that the BSB members were going
to be in for a pretty hot scene!

The boys stood up and immediately started kissing each
other. It was clear that Jayden and Mikey had great
chemistry together as they were definitely enjoying the
kissing. As they snogged, their tops came off, Jayden
revealing a toned and taut upper body, before Mikey pulled
down Jayden’s pants and underwear. Pushing Jayden onto the
futon, Mikey sat next to him and started putting in some
hard wrist action even as they continued kissing. A few
moments later and Mikey leaned down, sliding the hard cock
into his mouth. Mikey set about showing Jayden just how much
he had learned at the BSB school of cock sucking as Jayden
relaxed into the blowjob. As he moaned for more, Jayden
couldn’t help but comment on how good Mikey was doing.

Jayden said that he wanted a turn so Mikey sat back, the
boys kissing some more as Mikey undressed and revealed his
huge, hard cock. Jayden was a bit taken aback at the size of
Mikey’s dick but he looked like he was excited by the
challenge. Kissing all the way down Mikey’s body, Jayden
opened his mouth wide and licked the head of the rock hard
dick before sliding it into his mouth. His head bobbing up
and down, Jayden soon had Mikey moaning in pleasure.
Breaking off from the blowjob, Jayden sucked Mikey’s balls
into his mouth and licked up and down the long shaft before
swallowing the cock once more. Jayden quickly proved he was
no virgin at cock sucking when he suddenly deep throated
Mikey’s long dick without any problems.

Opening up the futon, the boys lay on their sides in a 69,
each boy having their cock sucked while enjoying the feel of
a hard dick in their mouths. As they sucked and got sucked,
it was clear that both Jayden and Mikey were getting more
turned on by the minute. Mikey broke off from his blowjob to
gently face fuck Jayden as he went almost all the way down
on Mikey’s dick. Jayden knelt up beside Mikey’s face and
slid his dick down Mikey’s throat, moaning in pleasure as
Mikey treated his cock like his favourite candy. It was
payback time as Jayden fucked Mikey’s mouth, thrusting in a
steady rhythm. They shifted; Mikey still on his back while
Jayden knelt over him, force feeding his dick to Mikey even
as he swallowed down Mikey’s hard cock again.

It was clear that Jayden and Mikey were pretty close to
cumming but it was just a matter of who first. Mikey
announced he was close but Jayden kept sucking and licking
the hard cock in his mouth even as Mikey suddenly climaxed,
shooting high into the air and hitting Jayden’s shoulder
before the cum landed in his pubes and on his stomach.
However, even as Mikey was cumming, Jayden kept licking and
sucking at Mikey’s cock which is something rarely seen on
BSB. Even though it was now Jayden’s turn for the money
shot, Jayden didn’t really want to take that cock out of his
mouth. Still, he sat back up and started jerking off in hard
and furious strokes right over Mikey’s face and it wasn’t
long before he panted that he was about to come. Seconds
later, Jayden shot his load all over Mikey’s face, hitting
him in the mouth and on the chin.

I told the boys that I was going to get them together with a
new boy in the next few days so watch out for it in the


Straight boy jerking

Broke Straight Boys is pleased to welcome another Straight boy jerking to the futon; Derek Chambers. He is a local to Miami and is studying Oceanography and Marine Science at college.
Derek is broke from buying all his text books for college,thus, why he is in the studio to do his solo scene. Although
he identifies himself as being straight, Derek did confess to being quite curious about man on man interaction and had
even started jerking off to fantasies involving the swim team in the locker room.

Derek stood up to his full height of 6′ 1″ and took off his
shirt, revealing slim but toned upper body that complimented
his tanned surfer boy look. Although he had closely cropped
hair, Derek said his natural hair colour was strawberry
blonde, weighed around 150 pounds and that he wore a size 12
shoe. Sitting back down on the futon, Derek put his hand
down the front of his tight white underpants and started
playing with his dick as he watched the bisexual porn
playing on the tv. Derek stood up and took off his undies,
turning around and showing off his nicely formed ass for the
benefit of the BSB members.

He slouched on the futon, not at all shy as he stroked his
dick into full hardness. Derek gently wanked off and I
couldn’t help but compliment him on how nice his cock
looked. As he continued playing with his dick, Derek
admitted that although he was curious about guys, he hadn’t
actually done anything with another guy, however, he was
willing to experiment. I asked him a few more questions and
was surprised when he said that kissing another guy would
probably be a turn on for him. Reaching for the lube, Derek
put a small dollop onto his cock head and resumed jerking
off. He was in no hurry to cum, instead, he seemed intent on
just enjoying his first time on camera.

Standing up, Derek wanked off at a slow but steady pace as
he watched the porn. With one hand lightly caressing his
shoulder, Derek started to jerk off a little faster,
obviously getting close to cumming. Suddenly, he sat back
down on the futon and moments later, a stream of cum spilled
over his cock head and onto his flat, tanned stomach as he
panted hard with the effort. For a first timer, Derek did a
great job and with his willingness to experiment with other
guys, I’m sure that he will be featured in the updates very
soon at Broke Straight Boys


broke straight boys videos. paid gay sex

Sean is back in the studio to continue his foray into paid gay sex. Along for the ride is Mike Robbins who will be teaching Sean how to give head. As Mike and I chatted, it was clear that Sean was still quite nervous about today’s shoot but the more Mike talked, the more comfortable Sean seemed to get. Mike talked about how he needed as much money as possible for more car repairs which led to him giving a shout out to all the girls on the Broke Straight Boy’s forum, especially Ms Kianna, Ms Diedra, Yanni and also JWGlass.

Eventually, after a bit of back and forth, the three of us agreed that $700 for both Mike and Sean was a good price. For something a little different, I got the boys to stand up and told Mike to undress Sean. They were both a bit hesitant before Mike, in one quick movement, pulled Sean’s jeans down to his knees while Sean laughed. Mike swiftly took off Sean’s t-shirt before helping Sean to step out of his jeans and boxers. Sean made a joke about his doctor being the only guy to see him naked which led to Mike commenting that, after his atv wreck, his doctor had slipped a finger into him while his whole family was in the room. I told Mike that I could arrange for him to visit Dr PhingerPhuk and Mike said he would consider it.

As Mike took off his t-shirt, I told Sean to unbutton Mike’s jeans, Sean pulling them down to the ankles, the underwear and shoes quickly following suit. Sean sat back down on the futon as Mike volunteered that Sean should suck dick first as he was the new guy. As Mike’s cock was soft, Sean took it in hand and started pumping the shaft. A moment later, Sean leant in and had his first cock in his straight boy mouth, barely hesitating as he slid the shaft in and out of his mouth. Laying a hand on the back of Sean’s head, Mike encouraged him to go deeper, causing Sean to choke a few times. Getting down on his knees, Sean spat on the head of Mike’s cock before slipping it between his lips once more, all the while, jerking on his own cock. Every time Sean gagged on the dick down his throat, he immediately went right back to sucking on it like a complete pro.

It was time for Mike to return the favour so Sean sat back down on the futon, Mike lying across his lap and swallowing down the rock hard cock. Sean wasn’t too sure what to expect from his dick being in another guy’s mouth but once Mike started bobbing up and down on it, Sean was in heaven. A moment later, Sean reached around, grabbed hold of Mike’s dick and started wanking him off. Switching it up, they opened up the futon and arranged themselves into a 69, both sucking a cock while their own dick was in a hot and wet mouth. As both the blond heads bobbed up and down, both boys were breathing heavily as they got more turned on. Sean and Mike were getting close to climaxing, alternating sucking with pumping the hard shaft.

Joking, Sean offered to suck Mike’s balls for an extra $100 but I countered by offering him the money if he took Mike’s cum shot in his mouth. Surprisingly, Sean said he would do it! Sean and Mike lay side by side, jerking themselves off furiously as they raced to cum first, however, Sean soon had cum dribbling down his cock shaft and into his balls. Now it was up to Mike to cum for the camera. Mike stripped his cock in hard strokes and with a quick nod towards Sean, a great stream of cum spurted into Sean’s waiting mouth, causing Sean to choke and gag before he leaned in and licked around the tip of Mike’s cock head.

Sean did a great job for his first time sucking cock and from this shoot, it looks like he doesn’t mind experimenting. It’s also nice to see Mike R back in the studio so look out for them in future updates.


His first gay sex

Ashton is a total freak so he is the perfect yin to Jase’s straight surfer-boy yang. Ashton is one of those guys who is pretty open minded and up for just about anything. When he sits down next to Jase he announces that he is there to take a dick in his ass. When asked why he wants to do that he says, “Because if feels so fucking good!” As he continues talking, it becomes pretty damn clear that Ashton loves to have fun. He says that he wants to fuck a guy in the ass while a chick is fucking him in the ass with a strapon. Jase starts to laugh and says he is pretty Vanilla compared to Ashton.

Vanilla or not, Jase is hot and he needs some extra cash and the idea of fucking Ashton in the ass sounds like it would be a wild experience. The two guys get naked and Jase is a little nervous, but as Ashton leans over and sucks his cock any nerves he may have had are tossed out the window. He returns the favor, clamping his mouth around Ashton’s cock and sucking him with some skill. This is Jase’s first time sucking a dick, but he is doing a good job at it.

Jase gets so turned on by giving Ashton head that he has to thrust into him. He puts Ashton on his knees, pushes him against the back of couch and drives his dick into him from behind. He buries that bone into Ashton’s hot, tight ass. He fucks that ass hard, grabbing him by the shoulders and pounding him hard. Ashton arches his back, it feels so good with Jase deep inside him that his cock is throbbing and his entire body is shaking with pleasure.

Jase rolls Ashton over onto his back and buries his love missile into him. The two slam their bodies together, the fucking is getting aggressive and vanilla straight boy Jase is getting into having his first gay sex. He hammers away, working Ashton hard then with almost no warning he pulls out, strokes his cock a few times and drains his balls all over Ashton. Ashton is so turned on that the dam bursts. He strokes his own long tool a few times and adds his own sticky load to the mix that now coats his fit body. Jase went gay for pay and loved every second of it.

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Straight men gay experiences

Jeremy makes his triumphant return to Broke Straight Boys this week to help break newcomer Ken in. Ken is a hot college guy with a great body who needed a few extra bucks to pay his tuition. Ken is going to be a doctor and is med school so he can always use the extra cash. The difference here is that Ken is a gay guy, but Jeremy has only really done a little messing around and hooking up with other guys. He is straight, but like Ken, he could use some extra cash.
The two guys meet for the first time and start to strip. As Ken slips off his shirt the fact that he loves to stay active and stay in shape is on full display. He is in great shape and his body is rocking. Jeremy is even impressed. The two guys are at ease with each other and not shy. They even share a quick kiss as they get naked and get on the couch. The guys start stroking their dicks, getting hard in their hands and checking each other out. Jeremy leans in and wraps his lips around Ken’s shaft. Ken has a long, throbbing cock that fill’s Jeremy’s mouth up. For a straight guy Jeremy can really suck a cock!

The two guys roll around on the futon getting comfortable and settle into a hot 69. When Ken start’s sucking Jeremy’s dick it feels so good that Jeremy starts to moan. His mouth is still full of Ken’s dick, but he can’t contain himself. Ken really wants to get to work on Jeremy’s long shaft so he has him lie back and relax while Ken throats his dick. Ken knows what he is doing. He makes sure to work the balls and stroke the shaft as he sucks hard. Jeremy can’t believe how orally talented this hot gay college guy is. Jeremy stands up, arching is back with pleasure as Ken sucks him hard then Jeremy pulls his dick out of Ken’s mouth, strokes it a handful of times and cums hard. He unloads a sticky batch of Jizz all over Ken’s fine chest, leaving him covered in spunk with a smile on his face.


Straight guys first time anal

Today, Daniel and Jase are back on the futon to do an guys first time in the ass scene together. They had arrived early in the studio to discuss how it was all going to go down and had decided that Jase was going to top while Daniel was going to bottom. After some brief negotiation, Jase was going to be getting $1000 and Daniel $1200. The boys stood up and stripped off as they each told me why they were back in the studio; Daniel to earn more money to pay some taxes and Jase to pay off a few speeding tickets. Both boys had such a cute ass on them, that I got them to turn around and show the Broke Straight Boys members.
Sitting back down on the futon, both boys wanked off to the straight porn as they worked on getting themselves hard. In barely a minute, Daniel was hard as a rock while Jase was not too far behind him. To encourage him along a little, Daniel leaned right over and started sucking Jase’s cock like a pro. Daniel had obviously been practising outside the studio as Jase was fully erect in no time as Daniel’s head bobbed up and down. Licking the shaft and sucking on the head of the hard cock, Daniel had Jase moaning for more. They swapped, Daniel sitting right back as Jase slowly slid the hard dick into his straight boy mouth. right away, Daniel was groaning in pleasure each time Jase went deep. Jase had definitely improved in his cock sucking skills since their last shoot together as he flicked the head of the cock with his tongue and licked up and down the shaft, wanking off at the same time.